Volumetric Coal Feeder is a special variant of Chain Conveyors. Backed by many years of experience in manufacturing of Chain conveyors, DEMECH has also executed number of orders for Volumetric Coal Feeders for prestigious clients.

Gravimetric Feeders are better suited for measured feeding of coal for firing but low cost Volumetric Feeders are commonly used for small boilers and Fluidized bed boilers. Lignite fired boilers also use Volumetric chain feeders due to high moisture contents and sticky nature of Lignite.

DEMECH has entered into technical collaboration with Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE), Germany to manufacture Volumetric Coal Feeders. This gives Demech a unique advantage to supply Volumetric Coal Feeders using the proven and reliable designs of Hitachi Power Europe GmbH.

Technical Details

  1. Volumetric coal feeder is basically a drag-chain en-masse conveyer with an externally adjustable bed height controller. The cross-section area at the bed height controller and the speed of the bed of material gives the volumetric measurement of the coal. The variation in coal flow is achieved by either adjusting the coal bed or varying the chain speed using variable frequency drive.
  2. These feeders always have a horizontal profile with capacities upto 120 T/H and lengths of even 25 meters.
  3. The other construction is similar to Chain Feeders with additional safety features as per the requirements of customer. The chains used by DEMECH are Drop forged chains, with single strand or double strand construction as per the capacity requirements.
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