DEMECH Slide Gate Valves are designed to provide a quick acting isolation valve unit that can be installed into a bulk handling flow path to stop material flow.

DEMECH slide gate valves are simple and compact in design, robust in structure, excellent in technology and are easy to install. Slide gate valves are designed to shut off product flow from outlets of storage bins, silos, conveyors, and other discharge points handling dry bulk materials.

Slide gate valves are required for isolating the bulk material collecting vessel in a bulk material handling system. The vessel could be hoppers, silos, bag filter or bins.

Technical Details

  1. DEMECH manufactures slide gate valves from 200 mm square to 2000 mm square opening. Customized sizes can be supplied in fabricated construction as per customer requirement
  2. The main frame is of structural steel. Plate material can be Mild steel, Sailhard, Hardox or Stainless steel to suit the application.
  3. The sliding plate is supported on guide rollers fixed on the frame sides and they also help in reducing the friction.
  4. The inlet of the gate is provided with a conical deflector of hard material which helps in promoting flow as well as shields the guide rollers from coming in contact with material flow.
  5. The movement of slide plate is either done by direct push-pull force or by using machined rack & pinion arrangement.
  6. DEMECH provides actuation for the Valve as per customer’s requirement. It can be (i) Manually operated, (ii) Pneumatic cylinder operated or (iii) Motorized actuator

DEMECH valves offer the following benefits –

  1. Economical, robust and reliable solution for bulk material handling.
  2. Fabricated construction available in MS and SS Materials.
  3. Choice of multiple options of operation – Manual, Pneumatic and Motorized actuation.
  4. Pressure tight support frame.
  5. Minimal leakage and free flow of materials without clogging.
  6. Designed and manufactured to meet international standard.
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