DSPL established in 1982 as a global supplier of high tech engineering equipment from India

DSPL launched Tool business to overcome global shortage of tool supply 

DSPL provides complete transparency of Project Management platform to monitor complete Tool manufacturing lifecycle from Quotation to Shipment using our portal

Why Now?

Why US?

  • DSPL Strategic Ties

    Strategic tie with multiple tool manufacturers plastic and sheet metal industry across India for complex tooling 

  • Quality Assurance

    Integrated all its processes through ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System

  • End-to-end Process

    Complete Tool Machining Facility including Tool Base, Heat treating under one roof which has better control on the overall quality of Tool

  • Performance

    We can provide guaranteed Tool Life in terms of the number of shorts and stand by the performance

  • Quality Check

     Quality checks through international agencies like SGS, Bureau Veritas, etc 

  • Customized Testing

     Any specialized testing which is required by the client like grain structure, x ray etc can be done 

  • Global record

    Tool manufacturers are already working with Global Multinational Companies like BMW, and Mercedes in India and have ISO 9001 standard

  • Equipment

    State-of-art Machinery and Equipment to manufacture High-Quality Tools 

  • Technology

    Implemented Industry 4.0 practices in our operations and have complete transparency with Project Management workflow using our Project Tracking portal 

  • Door Delivery

    We can provide door delivery anywhere in the US

  • Inspection

    Stagewise inspection for assurance of tool quality throughout the Tool building lifecycle

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