Hyjector (JET Pump)

DEMECH Hyjector is designed for the best efficiency and long life. The Nozzle &Ventury throat is designed to suit the application. The slurry can be pumped to a discharge pressure of 30 meters. The main advantage of this equipment is it can operate when the suction is inadequate and chances of air being sucked is high where a normal pump can never operate.

Hyjector design is Robust. Inspection cover is provided on body to remove any larger particle blocking the passage. Nozzle is also available in high alumina ceramic which gives three times life against hardened alloy steel Nozzle tips. The throat piece is made of NiHard material with hardness of 500 to 550 BHN.

Hyjectors are available in various sizes to suit applications of for installation below bottom ash hoppers to emptying drain pits.

Sizes available are – 3″x4″, 4″x6″, 6″x8″ &8″x10″

ASH Gate

AshGates are installed on side of ‘V’ of Bottom Ash hopper.The Ash Gate has a fabricated housing with its slide type rigid Gate is made of Alloy CI considering heavy dead load on wall. Gate moves on guide rollers and close on taper wedges. The rollers have an eccentric axis which can be adjusted from outside for better locking.The Ash Gate is provided by Man-hole access door, Hand-port Watch glass and Flood light. The Gate is opened by Hydro-pneumatic cylinder in associated with Air-water converter is part of ash gate.

The Ash Gates are available in three sizes 600×600, 600×900 and 900×900.

ASH Crusher (Clinker Grinder)

DEMECH Ash Crushers (Clinker Grinder) are specially designed for the crushing worst clinker for Bottom Ash of Pulverized fuel coal boiler to particle size of -30 mm.

Ash crusher is driven by set of transmission sprocket, gear box, fluid coupling and motor. Toothed Rollers made of high manganese steel. Housing body is steel fabricated with bearing bracket, bearing housing and bearing covers of Cast Iron. Bearings used are heavy duty self-aligning roller bearings which are well isolated from the ash and water inside the crusher. The side gaps of the rollers are closed by Comb made of manganese Steel and wear plates of Alloy Cast Iron. The spur gears are made of Alloy Steel and hardened.

The bigger size Ash Crusher has rollers in segment form to facilitate operator for easy maintenance.

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