HHF/HHN Borewell Submersible Pumps


These pumps have better life in acidic water. Better surface finish promises better efficiency and consistent performance. These pumps have better life in sandy water. These are widely used in fire fighting application, continuous water supply for farming, irrigation, water supply for industry and housing complex and so on.


  • PUMP:
    • Higher head per stage resulting in achieving same head with less no of stages
    • Stainless steel pump internals
    • Better surface finish hence better efficiency and consistent performance
    • Lesser weight and lesser height resulting into ease in installation and transportation
    • Better life in sandy water application
    • Better life in acidic water
    • Rust free water
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Loading on pipes improves
    • CED coating cast iron components long life & rust free


    • Withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 200 volts to 440 volts with marginal variation in head and discharge
    • Even at low voltage, pump delivers water
    • For longer life Teflon Carbon Thrust bearing
    • Better protection against sand


  • Water supply for Industrial, Housing complex, Hospitals, Commercial Complex, Cinema Halls, Multiplex, Community Supplies, Building & Construction application
  • Continuous water supply for farming application & irrigation projects
  • Fire fighting application


  • Head 1 to 447 meters
  • Discharge 740 to 30 LPM
  • Motor Rating 2.2 kW to 15 kW(3 Hp to 20 Hp)
  • Bore well Size 150 mm(6″)
  • Voltage Range 200V to 440 V


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