Fire Fighting System


Fire Fighting System

Kirloskar Brothers Limited has been supplying Fire Protection Packages for many decades. The most important aspect of Fire Protection package is the reliability of the fire fighting pumping system to ensure adequate water supply at required pressure at emergency conditions.



  • FM Approved UL Listed Fire Fighting Set
  • Standard Fire Fighting Set
  • Multi Stage Multi Outlet (MSMO) Fire Fighting Set
  • Containarised Fire Fighting Set

Highlights of KBL Fire Pump Packages

  • Diesel engine driven pumpset
  • Main fire pump – FM approved / UL listed
  • Diesel engine – FM approved / UL listed heat exchanger cooled
  • Engine Controller – FM approved / UL listed
  • Secondary water – cooling loop
  • Space saving solution – Multistage multi outlet pump
  • Packaged Fire Pump House
  • Jockey pump with controller mounted on separate skid where controller is FM approved or UL listed

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  • Can withstand wide voltage range from 160 to 240 V for single phase and 280 to 440 V for three phase
  • SS motor body
  • Motor easily rewound
  • Less vibration and lower noise level due to dynamically balanced rotating parts
  • More hygienic operations make it suitable for drinking water applications
  • Fitted with mechanical seal


  • Domestic and industrial water supply
  • Firefighting systems for small and medium size plants
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation systems
  • Booster systems
  • Farmhouses, nurseries and Gardens


  • Technical Specifications
    • Head : 5 to 345 Meters
    • Capacity : 6 to 420 LPM
    • Rating : 0.37 Kw/ 0.5 HP to 4.1 Kw / 5.5 HP
    • Voltage Range : 1 Phase (180 to 240) 3 Phase (280 to 440)

    Material of Construction

    • Pump Housing : Stainless Steel
    • NRV : Cast Iron
    • Suction Housing : Cast Iron
    • DOL : Cast Iron
    • Impellers : Noryl
    • Diffusers : Noryl
    • Strainer : Stainless Steel
    • Diffuser Casing : Stainless Steel


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