Eterna (Pressure Booster System)


ShowerJoy Pressure Booster System

The pressure booster system is a life-style product best suited for water supply for shower panels, garden, sprinklers and multi storied bungalows. It is perfect for use in homes, clubs, hotels, hospitals etc. Very aptly named ‘ShowerJoy pressure booster system’ this product gives the user the pleasure of sharp, tingling jets of water while using the shower panel. Makes gardening very convenient as it is able to supply high pressure needed for sprinkler system. Also very useful for water supply connection to multiply bathrooms such as in hotels, bungalows where water supply is needed at a constant pressure. Applications



  • High pressure showers/ wall shower panels
  • High pressure supply to Bungalows/ small apartment complexes/ hostels/ hotels
  • Gardening with lawn sprinklers
  • Domestic washing of cars
  • Small farms


  • Automatic on-off feature – No need to check if pump is on/off before and after
  • a refreshing shower
  • Ready for use – fully assembled by factory. Hence, no referring to confusing
  • manuals or diagrams
  • Same water pressure on all floors of multi-storey bungalows

Material of Construction / Specifications

  • Pump casing – Stainless Steel
  • Impeller – Stainless Steel (Single Stage) / Noryl (Multi-stage)
  • Shaft – Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Seal – Carbon/ Ceramic
  • Pressure switch – Danfoss make
  • Pressure tank – Aluminum

ShowerJoy Inline model

  • Suitable for boosting the water pressure in
  • Individual showers in the bathroom
  • Individual taps for domestic usage


  • Easy installation
  • Very low power consumption
  • Convenient three speed switch for setting as per need

Material of Construction / Specifications

  • Pump casing –Cast iron
  • Impeller – Glass fiber polypropylene
  • Shaft – Ceramic

Water temperature (upto 60° Centigrade) Pressure of 0.6 bar for a nominal flow of 40 liters per minute

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  • Low power consumption
  • Designed for optimum efficiency
  • Light weight and compact size make it easy to install
  • Suitable for minimum 80 mm Bore Diameter
  • Minimum submergence required 1 meter
  • Declared performance is against power supply 1Phase 200V AC at 50 Hz
  • Suitable for non corrosive water < 35 °C
  • Suitable for < 50 ppm of suspended solids


  • Domestic and industrial water supply
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation system
  • Booster systems
  • Farmhouse, nurseries and gardens


  • Technical Specifications
    • Head : 8 to 59 Meters
    • Capacity : 68 to 8 LPM
    • Rating : 0.37 to 0.93 KW (0.50 to 1.25 HP)
    • Voltage : 160 to 240 V (Single Phase )

    Material of Construction

    • Shaft : Chrome Steel (Grade AISI 410)
    • Impeller : Noryl (20% Glass Filled)
    • Diffuser : Noryl (20% Glass Filled)
    • NRV Body : Cast Iron (Grade FG 200)
    • Bushes : Bronze (TB 4)
    • Rotor : Copper (Electrolyte Grade)


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