Cast Steel Gate Valve Valves


These valves are widely used as for Naptha and Naptha derivatives in oil refineries. With a flanged end connection, these valves are designed with API 600 standards. Its rigid and sturdy design along with low pressure across the valve make it a very formidable model in the entire product line.


  • Double Flanged / butt weld end, outside crew rising stem, yoke type bonnet
  • Back seating bush arrangement to enable re – packing under pressure
  • Rigid & sturdy design
  • Low pressure loss across the valve
  • Long service life and leak tightness


  • Naptha and naptha derivatives in oil refineries
  • Water, steam, air, gas and liquids having corrosive properties
  • Suitable for wide range of working conditions of pressure and temperature ratings


  • Manufacturing Standard API 600
  • Size Range and Pressure Ratings
    50 to 750 mm : Class 150
    50 to 600 mm : Class 300
    50 to 350 mm : Class 600


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