Mixer conveyor is known by various names such as Paddle mixer, Ash Mixer, Pug Mill, Unloader etc.

DEMECH Mixer Conveyors find applications in many industries. This equipment is the perfect solution for pollution control as it effectively blends dust (recovered from ESP, mechanical collectors, bag houses, Silos etc,) with various liquids, thus allowing transport but effectively controlling the particulate matter escaping into the air. Mixer conveyors are also widely used in cement, steel & power plants. Due to its excellent capability of blending solids, they are also used in mineral process industry. They are best suited for unloading fly ash and other such dusty material after mixing water to it and discharging into trucks or rail cars.

Blending of two or more solids can also be achieved by this equipment for the process industry. Besides mixing and conveying in a single machine, it also allows variation in retention time as desired

DEMECH designs and supplies custom designed mixer conveyors to suit customer’s requirement of material handling rates and layouts. We have supplied mixer conveyors with capacities of 5 to 95 TPH. We can supply the mixer conveyers as per special requirements of customer for rectifying or refurbishing the existing old mixer conveyor.

Technical Details

  • DEMECH Mixer conveyors are manufactured in sturdy carbon steel or stainless steel construction with suitable liners to suit the properties of material to be handled.
  • The mixer conveyors have twin counter-rotating shafts, with adjustable paddle rows on each shaft.
  • The top covers are removable giving complete access to the internals. The transmission gears train can be easily lubricated.
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