DEMECH manufactures a wide range of high alumina ceramic liners such as tiles, special shapes and pipe sections which have high alumina content and wear protection properties. These liners are bonded on to steel surfaces and are extremely effective for prevention of wear and tear due to high particle velocity, impingement, abrasion and impact. They are extensively used for lining of equipment prone to severe wear in core sector industries such as cement, steel and power.

DEMECH manufactures ceramic tiles in the form of weldable and pasteable tiles for installation at site as well as pipe sections of various diameters specifically for lining of fabricated pipes, bends and fittings for pneumatic conveying applications specially for conveying of pulverised coal in thermal power plants

Alumina powder after ball milling and spray drying is pressed and sintered at high temperature. This sintered product consists of dense alumina with hardness of approximately 9 Mohs, and can withstand temperature up to 1000ºC.

Technical Details

  • Application: Ceramic Lined Bends are used for conveying material with high velocity and used for short radius Bend applications.
  • Thickness: Tile thicknesses range from 6 mm to 50 mm.
  • Size: Tube (cylinders) sizes range from 40 mm ID to 150 mm ID.
  • Temperature: Withstands high temperature up to 1000ºC
  • Resistance: Excellent resistance to impingement, moderate impact & High erosive and abrasive wear.


  1. Alumina content:  Min 85%
  2. Density:  3.3-3.7 gm\cc
  3. Compressive strength: Min 4500 kg\sq cm
  4. Flexural strength: Min 2200 kg\sq cm
  5. Hardness: 9 Mohs
  6. Water absorption: Nil
  7. Coefficient of thermal expansion:  7-9 x 10-6
  8. Abrasion by rubbing (material loss) : 0.1 gms.
  9. Jet erosion test: 0.05 gms.
  10. Maximum Temperature: 1000ºC

Applications Area

  1. Pulverized fuel lines
  2. Orifice
  3. Coal Conveying Lines
  4. Ash Conveying Lines
  5. Lining of Bunker & Hopper
  6. Mill Discharge Valve
  7. Multi Port Outlet
  8. Coal Washery Sump
  9. Cyclones & Separators
  10. Ceramic Nozzles
  11. Inner Cones
  12. Venturi Vanes
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