Ceracoat and Derincoat are wear resistant composites with high compressive strength and wear resistant properties. Both of these comprise of hard aggregates, binders and fibres that are mixed together with prefixed measures of water in a vam mixer to form a high strength compound. The final product thus obtained can be cast or trowelled on to a base plate on which expanded wire mesh has been fixed in position with anchors, or can be spun into pipes / bends and fittings.

These composites are extensively used in the protection of equipment prone to severe wear and tear in core sector industries, and are available as Ceracoat for low temperature applications (up to 400ºC) and Derincoat for high temperature applications (up to 800ºC).

In power, steel, aluminium, and cement sectors, abrasive materials are pneumatically or hydraulically conveyed through pipelines resulting in heavy wear and tear. This necessitates the use of a protective liner to prevent wear and enhance the life of equipment. The advantage of using Ceracoat and Derincoat liners is that it provides a monolithic lined surface without any edge effects and thus ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of material.

Technical Details

  • Layer: Forms a monolithic lining without any joints
  • Applications: For Lining from 15 mm Thick to 60 mm Thick
  • Setting Time: 24 Hours
  • Application: Can be applied by troweling, casting or spinning
  • Weight: Weight of Ceracoat lining for 20 mm thickness 56 Kgs / Sq Mtr. 25 mm thickness 70 Kgs / Sq Mtr. 30 mm thickness 84 Kgs / Sq Mtr.
  • Sizes and shapes: Ceracoat can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes by casting or even can be trowel applied to required sizes and shapes.
  • Strong joint less bonding: Ceracoat makes use of the mechanical bond in the form of an expanded metal mesh welded on the steel surface to be wear protected due to which difference in thermal expansion between steel and ceramic is absorbed and thus broad cracks and risk of spilling is avoided.
  • Flexibility in installation: Installation is easy due to the versatile procedures and even for difficult geometric shapes. Installations also can be carried out with ease even on overhead applications.
  • Variable thicknesses can be achieved: It is possible to vary the thickness of the wear protection layer on the same component and thus achieve maximum wear protection economically.


Sr. No. Properties Ceracoat Derincoat
1 Density 2.6 – 2.8 gm/cm3> 2.8-3.1 gm/cm3
2 Water absorption 3.5 – 4.5 % by weight 3.5 % by weight
3 Compressive strength >1200 Kg/cm2 >1300 Kg/cm2
4 Bending strength >13MPa >13MPa
5 Max application temperature 400ºC 1200ºC
6 Hardness 7-8 Mohs Scale 8 Mohs Scale

Applications Area

  1. Raw meal storage
  2. Raw mill
  3. Cyclone
  4. Raw meal silo
  5. Pre-heater tower
  6. Cooler hood
  7. VRM Transition piece
  8. And outlet ducts
  9. Duct between SKS & V Separator
  10. Clinker de-dusting
  11. Elevator
  12. Clinker storage
  13. Separator
  14. Cement mill
  15. Cement mill silo
  16. Coal mill
  17. SKS outlet head & coarse outlet
  18. ESP Cooler duct
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