DEMECH supplies Bucket Elevators for vertically transporting various free-flowing bulk materials from dust to material having particles up to 250 mm. It can supply material with centrifugal or continuous types of discharge with single and double strands of chains and Belt.

Chain bucket elevator can be supply with Pin & bush roller type Chains whereas in Belt elevator can be used Fabric (EP) type and steel cord belt for heavy applications.

Reputed Chain and Belt used for best quality.

Bucket elevators find applications in the following industries –

  1. Cement Industry: Clinker , Coal, Fly Ash & Cement
  2. Food Industry: Salt Cake, Soda Ash, Soya bean cakes & seeds.
  3. Chemical Industry: Stable Bleaching Powder, Hydrated Lime.
  4. Power Industry: Fuel Feeders, Coal.
  5. Steel Industry: Co-generation Plant & Ash Disposal Plant.
  6. Paper Industry: Fly Ash

Technical Details

  • Centrifugal Bucket Elevators operate at higher speeds to discharge the material by centrifugal action out of the buckets into the discharge spout as the buckets pass over the head pulley/sprocket. Buckets are spaced at wider intervals to prevent discharge interference from the proceeding bucket and to assure maximum fill of the buckets at the boot end while moving at higher speed. Continuous Bucket Elevators are designed to handle friable, fragile materials to minimize product degradation and damage or to handle sluggish or abrasive material. They are also used to convey light free-flowing matter where aeration of the material must be avoided.
  • Continuous style elevators operate at a lower speed to minimize breakage of friable materials. Buckets are closely spaced on the belt or chain to allow the material to flow over the backside of the proceeding bucket, whose extended sides form a chute to guide the material into the discharge spout. Bucket Elevators are powered by geared motor and / or transmission chain & sprocket located at the top end of the conveyor. Gravity take-up / tensioning arrangement is provided at the boot section of Bucket elevator.

The specifications are given below –

  1. Bucket Elevator type: Chain Type and Belt type Bucket Elevator
  2. Bucket Elevators are powered by geared motor / squirrel cage motors with Parallel helical/Bevel helical speed reducers. (remove transmission chain and sprocket)
  3. Capacity Range of Elevators: Up to 2200 TPH
  4. Height range Chain elevators: up to 70 Mtr (Back wall mounted / Side wall mounted as per application). Type Single strand chain or double strand chain.
  5. Height range Belt elevators: up to 150 Mtr
  6. Fabricated Steel casing, Fabricated Steel Buckets mounted on Chain or Belt.
  7. Imported/Indigenous Pin bush alloy steel chains and with different MOC for various applications, Imported Steel cord belts.
  8. Elevators for handling material of temperature upto 300ºC can be supplied.
  9. Close bucket arrangement ensures homogeneous material flow with minimal spillage.
  10. Self-supporting design for elevator heights upto 25 meters and external support provided for taller elevators.
  11. Chain design is based on the DIN/IS standards.
  12. Design for dust and vapor-tight requirements.
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